TAREFIXTM is our special technological and production process. We have developed it with an obsessive attention to the highest quality and legal standards, focusing on environmental sustainability.
The strict regulations of TAREFIXTM have roots in the selection of hides: we only purchase high quality raw material which is a by-product of the food industry.
All processes are carried out in the highest respect of the regulations regarding environmental protection, the use of chemical products, emissions into the environment and water recycling.
The only energy we know of is that which derives from renewable sources. We continuously innovate to reduce water and energy consumption.
Processing waste and scraps are sent for recycling at specialized companies that reuse them for the production of fertilizers for the agricultural sector. The circle thus closes: from a by-product of the food industry
We do not compromise on quality control. Our materials are subjected to strict controls at different stages of the entire production cycle. In our internal laboratory we check full compliance with all mechanical and aesthetic parameters.
The TAREFIX™ specification is divided into two tanning processes:


Ecolabel UE 2016/1349


Tarefix ™ is an eco-friendly process, which uses Chromium III. Chromium III is a micro-mineral, completely non-toxic, essential for the body. In nature, it is found in many foods, such as meat, fish and cereals.  Tarefix™ materials are very elastic and have a high tensile and tear resistance. They withstand high temperatures and are available in a wide range of colors and finishes.  Tarefix ™ materials can optionally include the special treatments Water-Proof, Fire-Proof, Cool-System. Thanks to strict oservance of all environmental regulations, Tarefix™ materials comply with the requirements deriving from Criteria no. 5 and 6 and the restrictions referred to in table 1 of the Commission’s Decision (EU) 2016/1349 which establishes the ecological and toxicological criteria for the award of the European Union ecological quality label. (EU Ecolabel).



Chrome and metal free


It is the ecological process of Conciaria Mondovì, totally free of chromium and heavy metals. This innovative and eco-friendly choice responds, on the one hand, to the choice of respect for the environment and, on the other, to the needs of many people who have developed food and contact allergies to natural substances, despite being non-toxic and eco-compatible. Tarefix™ BIO materials are extremely tear-resistant, have a low flammability and are also available in a very wide range of colors and finishes. Tarefix™ BIO materials can optionally include specials Fire-Fix, Cool-Fix treatments. Strict production regulations and the ability of Conciaria Mondovì help to develop a chrome- and metal-free tannage, that comply with the requirements deriving from Criteria no. no. 5 and 6 and the restrictions referred to in table 1 of the Commission Decision (EU) 2016/1349 which establishes the ecological and toxicological criteria for the award of the European Union ecological quality label (EU Ecolabel) and can be defined as “chrome free”and ““metal free”.in accordance with the UNI EN 15987: 2015 standard.




The Fire-Proof treatment is a highly technological treatment for the leather to resist and extinguish the fire. Fire-Proof treated materials, all tested according to the EN 407 standard, are ideal for the production of gloves for the protection of those who work in close contact with fire (law enforcement, armed forces, firefightes) but also for those who can potentially come into contact with it (footwear and gloves for car and motorcycle riders, gloves for airplanes’, and helicopters’ pilots). The Fire-Proof treatment is available for a wide range of colors, on both tarefix™ and tarefix™BIO materials



Leather is, by nature, quite absorbent due to the presence of natural pores. The special Water-Proof treatment significantly increases water resistance, making the material almost water-proof. The materials treated with Water-fix are ideal for the production of gloves or footwear, even for professional sportsmen, used in areas with high rainfall or in close contact with water. Due to the very nature of the treatment, the treated materials are more rigid. Furthermore, the Water-Proof treatment is only available on TAREFIX™ materials


high solar reflectance index

The special Cool-System treatment significantly increases the SRI (Solar Refectance Index) , isolating and thus decreasing the transmission of heat towards the inside. The materials treated with Cool-System are ideal for the production of clothing for motorcyclists in Regions with high level of solar radiation such as, for example, the Mediterranean area and Southern USA. The Cool-System treatment is available on both TAREFIX™ and TAREFIX™ BIO materials and, due to its own characteristics, is only available in black color.