Conciaria Mondovì began its operation in 1935 as Conciaria Monregalese. . It was in 1959 when Paolo Falco, a tanning chemist, acquired Conciaria Monregalese and transformed it into Conciaria Mondovì.

Under the leadership of Paolo Falco, the company grew on the domestic and export markets. After working on different types of leather, since 1980 Conciaria Mondovì has specialized in the processing of kangaroo, a material for which today it is one of the leaders in Europe.


The industrial tradition of the Falco family continues with the second generation. Under the direction of Claudio, Paolo’s son, Conciaria Mondovì continued its growth on the markets and the technological development, selecting and now processing other leathers such as camel, bovine, goats.

In this way, new materials were born, satisfying the increasingly stringent and technical needs of customers, for a wide range of applications.
The materials produced by Conciaria Mondovì are today transformed into suits that protect the most famous professional MotoGp or Superbike pilots, into shoes for Formula 1 drivers or football boots for professional football players from the major Leagues.

But our customers also produce safety shoes, high-tech “tactical” gloves for the airplanes’ and helicopters’ pilots, security forces, firefighters, posh sneakers for leisure time or components for music instruments.


The strength of Conciaria Mondovì lies in combining tradition and know-how, the result of a very long experience, with ongoing research and the use of best-in-class production technologies. Continuous innovation for steady improvement of processes and materials is the key to our success.